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Good News Gratitude Committee 2021-2022

With over 300 volunteers and strategic partnerships, Good New Clinics faces challenges in determining an ongoing approach to gratitude or appreciation.  The Gratitude Committee determined a strategic format to follow to address this challenge, by categorizing the volunteers at GNC into four categories: 1. Grantors, Donors, Board, Staff, 2. Universities and Churches, 3. Clinical directors and volunteer providers, 4. Health Access specialists/Imaging.  They then researched best of breed community examples and developed a list of approaches for each group to show the organization’s appreciation.  At the conclusion of the project most of those involved volunteered to continue working with GNC to implement those ideas.  Congratulations Kim Melton and the project team in developing a successful plan.


How can you help?  There are many opportunities at Good News Clinics to implement the ideas from the Gratitude Committee or to volunteer in the Clinics.  Please email for more information or to volunteer.