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"The program was ideal in providing a broad overview of every area in the county from business and industry to healthcare, education, government, arts and entertainment and social services."   Wisdom Keeper since 2013


Over eight-sessions, the Wisdom Project Program builds a multi-faceted and dynamic view of Gainesville and Hall County. You will hear directly from community leaders about their efforts to make our community a great place to live and work, and the challenges they face. As the Program develops, you can discover opportunities to apply your skills and follow your interests to improve our community.

Session 1

Identifying how our “age 55 and wiser” skills and experiences can improve our community begins with a deeper understanding of who lives here. The Program Orientation session explains the unique aspects of Gainesville and Hall County residents.

Sessions 2 - 7

These six Program sessions explore specific aspects of our community in-depth. Community leaders discuss their work and community linkages and elaborate on challenges they face. These sessions provide a special opportunity to interact directly with community leaders about a wide range of topics in a convivial environment. Content topics are:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business, Industry, and Agriculture
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Social Services

Session 8

The final Program session summarizes key learnings and explores ways to use your skills and experience to make a difference.  Upon graduation, you will become a Wisdom Keeper and member of Wisdom Project 2030.


Wisdom Project Program participants should be adults age 55 and older who have volunteer or practical leadership experience and are interested in making a difference in our community.  Participants must submit an application and upon acceptance, pay a fee of $195.00 for the Program. We ask that you join our mailing list to receive an application.

If you are interested in participating in the Program, please send your contact information to: to be added to our mailing list.