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Projects Under Development

Participants in the 2021 Wisdom Project Program used their last session to focus on needs they identified in the community from earlier sessions and discuss how they could address those needs. The Class of 2021’s seven (big) ideas are listed below. 
These project ideas need your help and for that reason, the January 7th Wisdom Keeper meeting will offer a chance for you to get involved and help move these ideas forward. We hope at least one of them will spark your interest and that you will come to the meeting ready to learn more, contribute ideas and get involved.  WE NEED YOU!!

Gratitude Committee for Good New Clinics - With over 300 volunteers and strategic partnerships, GNC faces an ongoing challenge in finding a way to show their gratitude and appreciation. Determining a strategic format to follow and leveraging best in class community examples would help them establish an ongoing and evolving program.
Juvenile Court – Like any young person, those going through Juvenile Court need access to life skills programming. A program that teaches and supports skills such as financial literacy, interviewing, and checking account management, would help build a healthy independence for these young persons. Establishing a database of industry speakers to participate in the program would add further benefit. 
Foster Care – In support of maintaining and improving relationships for foster families, find ways to provide ongoing sponsorship and support of activities for the children to provide “free” time for adult training. Establish a “Community of Care” to provide ongoing support for the needs of foster care families in the care system.
Hospital Discharge Backpacks - Assemble backpacks and establish processes for distribution to patients without means who are discharged from NGHS. The backpacks are intended to help patients adapt to life outside the hospital.
Beyond Dementia - Collaborate with the American Red Cross and NGHS to assemble and distribute emergency kits for those in the community who have dementia and are experiencing a catastrophic event.
HUB Boutique Dress and Prepare for Success – Incorporating a “boutique” at the HUB will provide outreach and resources to students with specific clothing needs that they cannot receive at home. In addition, moms will have opportunities to work alongside and mentor moms of the students.
Volunteer Resource Coordination - Linkage with United Way for volunteer resource coordination, focusing on seniors who move to Gainesville/Hall County and want to volunteer.