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Simply Data 2015-16

Brenau University’s Learning and Leisure Institute (BULLI) is a signature program for the 50+ population of Greater Hall County. Popularity of the program has steadily increased over the years and managing the records of a growing student body was becoming more challenging for the program staff. Wisdom Keepers applied their expertise to create a flexible application to maintain accurate and up-to-date records on each student and provide detailed information and analytical reports on class rosters and participation. Simplifying the administrative burden and generating useful reports helped BULLI staff keep their focus on the continued delivery of quality programs.


"The Brenau University Learning & Leisure Institute, commonly known to the community as BULLI, benefited greatly from the talents and generosity of members of the Wisdom Keepers. They applied their expertise to assist BULLI in developing a database system to meet our specific needs to improve member communication and streamline course registration. This helped us to maximize our limited resources to the benefit of our membership."

Dr. Timothy Bryant, Executive Coordinator, Center for Lifetime Study, Brenau University


“I am very proud and happy to have worked on this project that allowed me to use my work experience as a Database Analysis and Application Programmer. It was satisfying to apply my skills and knowledge to improve and streamline the administrative tasks of Brenau University's BULLI Program.”

Wisdom Keeper, Class of 2013