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HarborTown Lakeside Development Advances, 2016-17

Excited about the potential benefits for Hall County residents from a major mixed-use lakeside development, Vision 2030, a community project of the Greater Hall County Chamber of Commerce, set a long-term goal of advocating for “HarborTown.” After years of research and site placement, the group was disappointed when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manages Lake Lanier, denied the planned residential units. With Wisdom Keeper help and research using Freedom of Information Act requests and the Congressional Inquiry process, residential exceptions at other Corps-managed developments were identified, together with the process for seeking an exception. Wisdom Keeper results helped Vision 2030 and the Chamber continue to work with the commercial developer on options to move forward with this important economic project for Hall County.


"This was an interesting and entirely different project which used our career knowledge of the federal government system. Our research efforts led us to contact Congressman's Collins' office (District 9) and the local and national Corps of Engineer offices and we were able to give the Chamber actionable recommendations to pursue this project."

Wisdom Keeper, Class of 2013


“After hitting a roadblock in the future of Vision 2030’s HarborTown Development, we were literally saved by the expertise of the Wisdom Keepers! The group helped us navigate through the acquisition and multiple layers of information and lead us to the means to an end. We are forever grateful for their knowledge, follow through, and willingness!”

 Elizabeth Higgins, Executive Director, Vision 2030


Everyone Enjoys the Playground, 2016-17

Wisdom Keepers became interested in the international trend of “senior playgrounds,” where play equipment is designed for senior adults and disabled users, and which supports range of motion, balance, strength, posture, and more. Playgrounds with this equipment have appeal and benefit to all community residents and become a place where the entire family can gather and play together. Wisdom Keepers shared information and their enthusiasm for these playgrounds with park officials and green space operators across greater Hall County. Hall County Parks and Leisure already had this concept on their radar and found the Wisdom Keeper interest encouraging to their efforts and input on equipment and accessibility useful for planning. As budgets and growth plans emerge for the future, Hall County Parks and Leisure hopes to be able to install “age-friendly” equipment in Laurel and Cherokee Bluff Parks.


“Neither age nor disabilities are barriers for seizing the day to get outside and workout for our mental and physical well-being. I hope that these needs are considered and included in all parks and green spaces where location permits.”

 Wisdom Keeper, Class of 2014