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ICF Dragon Boat Signage, 2018

Lake Lanier Olympic Park hosted the International Canoe Federation (ICF) Dragon Boat World Championships in September 2018; the first ever held in the United States. Preparing to welcome thousands of visitors and more than 1,500 competitors to the largest event at the Park since the 1996 Summer Olympics meant having to comply with extensive ICF event-hosting guidelines. Those guidelines included requirements for a wide range of signs. The local host committee, through the Lake Lanier Convention & Visitors Bureau, asked Wisdom Keepers to develop an operational event signage plan to meet those guidelines. Wisdom Keepers developed a requirements matrix which was used to survey the host committee subgroups, define their needs, and develop a signage plan for the host committee working group to implement. Clear signage contributed to the overall success of the event for visitors, competitors, and event organizers. The work on the signage plan was even more satisfying when Team USA won the “Nations Cup” for earning the highest points total during the Championships!


“I am very proud of the opportunity I had to help plan for the 2018 ICF Dragon Boat World Championship event. I also volunteered during the event at security check points and as a shuttle driver for event participants and officials. It was a great way to help show the world what a great venue we have at the Lake Lanier Olympic Park."

 Wisdom Keeper, Class of 2015


Thank you and the Wisdom Keepers so very much for your support during the 2018 ICF Dragon Boat World Championships.  This was one of those events when it definitely took a village to pull off and your organization proved to be a vital component in its success.   

Robyn Lynch, Gainesville Director of Convention and Visitors Bureau