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20,000 abused and neglected children in Georgia will enter the foster system this year and while there, will change foster homes on average every 75 days. Constant and sudden changes in their living situation works against the needs of these children for a stable and secure emotional foundation, which is essential to their successful growth.

Speaking up for a foster child’s right to have a safe, permanent home is what volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) are specially trained to do. Children with a CASA “voice” have a higher chance to find a safe and permanent home, are more likely to succeed in school, and can lower their chances of ending up back “in the system” by half. There are presently 127 CASAs in Hall & Dawson Counties, but another 40 volunteers are needed to serve the 152 children currently lacking their “voice”.

Wisdom Project 2030’s CASA Project Committee is working together with the Hall-Dawson CASA Program to identify potential CASA volunteers and develop ways to successfully recruit more.


“I work on the CASA Project because children entering foster care already have a strike or two against them, through no fault of their own. Helping find new volunteers to become that “voice” on behalf of these children is the best way I know of to remove one of those strikes.”

Roy, Committee Member


You can help abused or neglected children find a “voice” for positive change in their life by volunteering to help at