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Our Story

It’s no secret that with age comes wisdom. After five or more decades of living we have surely accumulated a “lifetime” of learning and experience! Wisdom Project 2030’s goal is to connect that wisdom to the community needs of Gainesville and Hall County.

Our membership path begins with the Wisdom Project Program, a series of eight all-day sessions and interaction with positive individuals from throughout the community. Program participants experience a dynamic, multi-faceted view of Gainesville and Hall County, explore local issues and opportunities, and engage with community leaders in business, industry, agriculture, education, healthcare, social services, government, the arts, and entertainment. These sessions help you discover opportunities to apply your skills and follow your interests to improve our community.

Upon completion of the Program, graduates become Wisdom Keepers and members of Wisdom Project 2030. Members meet bi-monthly to enjoy fellowship with other Wisdom Keepers and continue learning about opportunities to join their life experience with community needs. Members can find those opportunities in specific projects, in advocating on specific issues, or through leadership in community organizations. Please look at our active and past projects to see what our wisdom has accomplished!

Projects have had significant community impact that reflect big thinking by Wisdom Keepers.”  Wisdom Keeper since 2013  

Wisdom Project 2030, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that is recognized as a national model for senior leadership and community improvement.


Wisdom Project began as a Vision 2030 initiative, a community project sponsored by the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce, in 2005 with the idea to prepare individuals age 55 and older to use their wisdom, experience, and talents in creative ways through action and advocacy. The Wisdom Project Program was initially developed and presented starting in 2012 by the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce and Brenau University’s Center for Lifetime Study.  The Program had 172 graduates over the first seven years.

An alumni organization, Wisdom Keepers, was formed in 2015 and adopted a set of operational by-laws.  Starting that same year, the Wisdom Project Program was also planned and assisted by volunteer Wisdom Keepers. In 2017, the Wisdom Keeper Board recognized that a flexible organizational framework was needed to support future growth and activities beyond the Program and started exploring options. Wisdom Project 2030, Inc. was incorporated in April 2019 as an independent organization and received IRS non-profit status.

Vision 2030 is a coordinated group of volunteers leading long-term initiatives, defined by the citizens, to position Gainesville-Hall County as the most enviable community in Georgia by the year 2030. To learn more about Vision 2030 please visit