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Improve Housing Options for All Residents

Finding enough affordable housing in Hall County is a serious problem for a growing number of people, one which is well-recognized by local government, businesses, and social agencies. Housing affordability and availability are complex issues involving many factors and with many possible solutions. However, without affordable housing options, many entry level workers who are critical to our quality of life, such as teachers, policemen, and firemen, must commute from long distances and cannot build the lasting ties of residency in Hall County.

Wisdom Project 2030’s Accessible Housing Committee contributes to the United Way of Hall County’s “One Hall” Financial Stability Housing Committee and are working to identify long-term housing needs and supply, define enabling rules and regulations, and develop community education on the issues.  In 2022 focus has been on continued research on activities in other communities, considering Accessory Dwelling Units and manufactured houses for the Comprehensive Plan and updating the Water Plan which occurs every five years. Focus seems to have shifted from availability of water to control of storm water.  

“I wanted to understand what was happening with housing in our community and see how I could help find good solutions. I found that my past work and volunteer experience gave me the tools and contacts I needed to contribute.”

Duane, Committee Member

"Affordable Housing is an ongoing problem. It was handled well by the Emergency Rental Assistance program for over a year but that program is finished. The latest problem is that interest rates are going up and mortgages similarly. This is having a negative impact on the price of houses sold."

Robert Committee Member



You can bring more people “home” to Hall County by volunteering to help at

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