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"The Giving Pantry and Library" Offer Big Help Locally

“The Giving Pantry and Libraries” are popping up all around the country as a grassroots movement to support immediate food and other needs locally. They are designed as sturdy little houses on a post with the capacity to hold canned and non-perishable foods, as well as books. Located in neighborhoods and areas of need, these pantries are easily accessed by the people that need them – no car required!

UWHC approached Wisdom Project 2030 for help in getting the pantries built and installed. They are ready to use ongoing funding available to stock and replenish the pantries and have plenty of partner agencies to help identify appropriate locations. Building on UWHC’s Linda Cascio’s efforts and after receipt of a generous anonymous donation for the project, Wisdom Keeper Nan Carvell was able to obtain a $1,000 donation from Home Depot for the needed resources.

The first prototype has been built and painted.  This pantry will be installed at the Salvation Army.  We now have a complete cycle of learning from the construction, finishing and installation processes to help us build another 10-12 pantries at an estimated cost of $250 each.

So, how can you HELP?

First, if you have power tools for construction, or know someone so equipped who may be willing to build some pantries for this project, please let us know. Each pantry is about 60 pounds empty, so this project requires power tools and a bit of muscle.  A second option is to help paint the boxes. Each pantry requires a primer coat and two coats of exterior paint.

If you would like to donate books and/or non-perishable food items, these can be dropped off at the United Way of Hall County offices located at 527 Oak Street, Gainesville, 30501. The United Way contact is Linda Cascio at 678-989-5331.

If you want to help with this project, or know someone who can, please contact Nan Carvell at