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Building Life Skills at the Salvation Army of Gainesville, 2012-14

The Salvation Army’s Center of Hope in Gainesville recognized that many of the people seeking shelter with them, and in the surrounding community, needed other help to get on their feet and stay there. Much of that assistance was needed in building life skills, such as basic financial management, job search skills, and improving interpersonal relationships. Wisdom Keepers developed curriculum for two eight-week courses on Financial Development and Professional Development for the Center of Hope. These day and evening courses offered shelter and area residents a chance to learn valuable skills to support them on their path toward success. When the Center of Hope’s volunteer instructor left, they had to discontinue classes but saved the curriculum for future use.


“Meeting with Salvation Army staff, volunteers and clients provided an opportunity for us to close a gap by developing life skills training for their clients. The sessions offered new knowledge, changed attitudes, and increased skills to help overcome obstacles faced with managing money and maintaining steady employment.”

Wisdom Keeper, Class of 2013