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Improve Nursing Homes Options for Our Loved Ones

Hall County’s age 65+ population is growing along with its reputation as a desirable place to retire. However, for those who need skilled nursing services (long-term care or nursing homes), now or in the future, choices are few. Hall County has fewer skilled nursing beds available than the national average (38 versus 50 per 1,000 residents over 65), and nearly 90% of those beds in Hall County and half of those within 25 miles of Gainesville, earn below average Medicare ratings.

Wisdom Project 2030’s Green House Committee is committed to bringing Green House homes, which offer a significantly different model of long-term care with a better quality of life, to Hall County. Green House homes are real homes, a true residential environment where meals are home-cooked, rooms and baths are private, and community is built around a big dining room table. Imagine a place where YOU control the rhythms of daily life and care is given based on “what would you do at home?” Here you can continue to grow, live a meaningful life, and enjoy spontaneity that capitalizes on your abilities, not your disabilities!

Read more about about Green House Homes in Boom Magazine: "The Greenhouse Project: Reimagining Nursing Homes"

You can help bring better quality long-term care options for seniors in Hall County by volunteering to help at


“Every senior has earned the right to live a full life to their last moment in a place where their individual capabilities and life experiences are respected and valued. I want a better choice for me and my loved ones than what is currently available.”

Carol, Committee Member