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Services for Those Without A Home

This project initially focused on three areas to help individuals in our county:

  • Identify laundromats that will allow individuals to come, do their laundry, possibility charge their phone, and have a meal.
  • Provide “Mobile Shower Trailers” or potential other sites for individuals to shower.
  • Provide creative art classes to help individuals have a short respite from their daily struggles to find food or a place to sleep.


After research, the team discovered that similar existing services are offered to some degree in the community.

  • Michael Fisher, from Ninth District Opportunity and a fellow Wisdom Keeper, connected the team with “Clean Start,” (the shower hosts) who provide a Friday meal and shower located in a truck parking lot at the corner of Dorsey and Davies Streets.
  • Mike Mills from Humana Healthcare sets up and offers a painting table for participants every Friday.
  • Several Wisdom Keepers, who are very interested in helping this population, volunteer in the bi-weekly events by serving lunch and assisting with the needs of individuals in the area.
  • During 2024, the team will continue to research options for their original idea of holding and sponsoring Art Classes in an indoor setting.